Shrewsbury - The Priory School
The Priory School
Longden Road

Ceroc Addiction - The Priory School - Wednesdays

  Every Wednesday at Shrewsbury's Priory School. 3 hours of dancing inc Beginners Class, Intermediate Class & Social Freestyle. New members and experienced dancers welcome any week!


Atcham, Shrewsbury Workshops
Sun 30th March Beginners Plus 12pm - 2pm £10
Sun 30th March Daring Dips & Drops 2:30pm - 4:30pm £15
Sat 17th May Beginners 12p - 1pm £10
Sat 17th May Beginners Plus 1pm - 2pm £10
Sat 17th May Fluid Moves with Jamie 2:15 pm - 4:15pm £15

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Free Dance Classes For New Members
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Fusion of Salsa, Latin, Ballroom, Tango & Jive. Learning to partner dance at Ceroc is a great way to keep fit, socialise and an easy way to learn to dance whilst enjoying a complete night out! Every Wednesday at The Priory School in Shrewsbury. 3 hours of dancing inc Beginners Class, Intermediate Class & Social Freestyle. New members and experienced dancers welcome any week - no need to book!
Ceroc Addiction Freestyles - Party With A Difference  
Click on the VENUES page to see details of where and when we host Ceroc Addiction Freestyles!
Ceroc Addiction Workshops - Accelerate Your Learning  
Accelerate your learning by attending one of our popular workshops. With limited numbers you will receive extra attention from the teacher and gain new confidence and skills for the dance floor. We organise a variety of workshops. See this special page for our workshops programme.
DRINKS: We run our own soft drinks bar on Wednesday nights. You are also welcome to bring your own drinks as well. Most dance venues (inc ours) staff a licensed bar so if dancing elsewhere please check before taking your own.
Regular Wednesday Class Nights
(timings vers A)

19:45 Doors Open 15 minutes before the class starts to allow time for paying and new member registration.
20:00-20:40 Beginners Class We teach a routine of 3 moves. The class contains a mixture of experienced and beginner level dancers and is rotated so you change partner quite often so you dance with more people and helps you learn. We have 12 beginner moves that are spread over 8 routines. Each night we teach a different routine. It helps to do as much as possible but it doesn't matter which week you start or if you miss a particular week.
20:40-21:00 Freestyle A chance to breathe, have a drink and/or dance!
21:00-21:30 Intermediate Class Once you are comfortable with the 12 beginners moves then you are welcome to join in the intermediate class. This usually takes about six classes.
21:00-21:30 Beginners Practice For those not yet ready for the Intermediate Class, then our team of helpers have a special practice session for you covering that night's routine.
21:30-23:00 Main Freestyle Non-stop music to dance and socialise to! Our teachers and helpers will still be on hand to help out if needed.

Find information about any upcoming workshops and to book online please see our dedicated WORKSHOPS page!


3 hours including Beginners Class, Beginners Practice / Intermediate Class & Freestyle Dancing
Class Night
Door Prices
     £8 New Members inc £1 membership
£7 Standard
£5 Concession
Full Time Student, Unemployed & Retired (proof required)

£5 Late Entry - Final Hour


  £21 - 6 classes (£3.50 per class) [valid three months] - New Members, First Night ONLY!
(+ £1 Membership)
  2   £35 - 6 classes (£5.83 per class) [valid six months]
  3   £56 - 10 classes (£5.60 per class) [valid six months]

£3 for an extra class

Attend TWICE a week and save money! Pay normal entry (£7/£5) for your class night and get your Double Bubble Card for only £3 extra!


This offer is only available within the same week, i.e. if you want to combine Tuesday and Thursday dancing then you must pre-pay on the Tuesday!

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Freestyle Ticket Prices - Normally £10*

Discount Offer - £8 if you buy in advance via our venues/events OR online before midnight Friday before the event - click here

Tickets can be reserved but only at the full price.


Ceroc Membership
1     Ceroc operates as a Membership Club and you need to be a Ceroc Member and present a "Ceroc Membership Card" to attend Ceroc events.
2   Lifetime national membership is just £1 via Ceroc Addiction.
3   Ceroc Membership Rules can be viewed here
4   Membership details are not shared between Ceroc Franchises so if your existing card is not currently Ceroc Addiction recognised or you are not fully registered then you will need to please complete a membership form for us. You will still keep the same card and we will recognise it in the future!
5   If you are new to "Ceroc" or attending a "Ceroc Addiction" event for the first time then you may wish to print and complete the form in advance - click here
6   If you have a Ceroc Membership Card from a different Ceroc Franchise then you can register it with us for free - click here!
7   Our insurers require at least: name, address and date of birth. We only communicate via newsletter email or occasional text messages if you choose to provide. No details are shared with anyone else.


All prices expressed here are current at the time of publishing (01 January 2013) but are subject to change for specific events. Please see flyers, posters, our email newsletter, website etc for definite pricing per event/class. This means prices may be higher or lower than expressed on this page.

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This photo shows the main entrance to the school grounds from Longden Road.

If you are coming on foot then the pedestrian entrance is by barriers just up from the traffic lights.

Click on the "Parking" link for another photo and information about where to go next within the school grounds.


The Priory School - Longden Road Entrance




There is sufficient free parking within the school grounds. As you drive in you will signs for visitor's car parking to the left, or sports centre car parking to the right.

Or if you drive forward you will see the following, which can accommodate more cars than the photo suggests. Plenty of parking!

The arrow in the photo below shows the entrance to the Main Hall, and the Ceroc Addiction class night.

 The Priory School - Our Entrance